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Marcos Ambrose Fan Page

Media & Communication Services created Australian motor racing driver Marcos Ambrose’s social media presence at the start of the 2011 USA based NASCAR racing season, and managed the account until December 2013.

The task :
  • Media Relations

  • Social Media

By researching and understanding the audience base and posting content to suit, MCS’ efforts were quickly recognised and in 2012, Marcos’s Twitter account was Verified, meaning that Twitter recognised the account as one of the top 28,000 trusted information sources, out of the estimated 140 million active accounts.

Client Case Study :

Within 12months of creating and managing the official pages of Marcos Ambrose, the content MCS was continually posting had earned a verified account status, a few months later a communications firm Tuckahoe Strategies analysed the social network usage by all NASCAR drivers, teams and industry bodies. Social media scores were based on online presence, number of social platforms activated and the timeliness of updates, with Marcos Ambrose ranking second of all drivers to five-time Champion Jimmie Johnson.
Outside of Johnson, the only sources to outrank Ambrose were Joe Gibbs Racing and Hendrick Motorsports, thus giving Ambrose a better rating than stars such as Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, Danica Patrick.
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